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Supplemental Tryouts

We are hosting supplemental tryouts for ages 6-9

June 30th at Midway Park in Willowbrook IL

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Indoor Sports Facility

Opening in October 2019!

Offering Free Soccer Clinics

Every Wednesday at Midway Park

4-5 PM

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Compass United

Compass United was established in 2019 with our primary focus on player development and equal opportunity for all. We are an achievement-focused organization – on the field, in the boardroom, and in the classroom– we value both the journey and the destination. We aim to develop superior soccer players, develop outstanding teams,  and grow the depth of knowledge of our coaches. Most importantly, we understand that it's the player's game, and we aim to keep it that way. Our soccer club strives to create a physically and mentally challenging environment that stimulates athletes to unleash their full potential. We are focused on ensuring that every player has the opportunity to play soccer, whether they are recreational players looking for a fun environment or competitive players who would like to be invited to play on the regional and national scale.

Compass Arena

Opening in October 2019, we are excited to welcome the entire community to come dine at our new restaurant, participate in indoor soccer, and check out our cafe, sports bar and lounge. We hope to see you all this fall!


Miodrag Terzic

Phone: 630-642-4051